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Colour Checking Service

CheckingWe ensure that your colour schemes and colour combinations can be seen by the majority of colour deficient people as well as the normally sighted.
We do this by checking your product/design/ artwork etc. using a combination of colour-blind and normally sighted inspectors.
Each element of the item is examined and its legibility to each of the inspectors noted. Based on the results of this a written report is compiled

Where a potential legibility problem is indicated we offer a consultancy service to suggest changes to the colours or design (usually quite minor) so that full legibility, for all, is re-established.

In addition, where the item is liable to be seen under differing lighting conditions we offer testing for metamerism, which can alter the colour perception of both colour blind and normally sighted people. We do this using the standard illuminants:

We are able to check in any area where colour is used and can include some of the following:

If you employ colour-blind people we can check that you are complying with your responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act by checking your internal paperwork for colour legibility.

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